Fringe Files – Episode #6 – The Fallen Files With Gary S. Pritchett

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On this episode of the Fringe Files Brandon is joined by author Gary S. Pritchett to discuss his new book entitled “The  Fallen Files”.

The Fallen Files described in seven seconds:

Our fire-fighter Joshua only wants to sleep. Scorched and exhausted why should this night be different from any other? Morning’s sunlight welcomes him to a brave new world of hidden wonders, demonic dangers, insane friends and a frenzied life bent sideways like an old car’s antenna.

All of this because Joshua’s name is marked for deletion-but a Fallen Angel decides to turn him into a useful tool instead of wasted dust.

This “Christian Sci-Fi” adventure will drive you right through all the tollbooths- lights flashing and sirens blaring- straight down this highway separating heaven and hell.

The Fallen Files is a deeply layered spiritual metaphor wrapped in a supernatural conundrum; It doesn’t matter that you “don’t believe in anything” because everything believes in you.

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