A Cup With Joe – Episode #3 – The Third Sip

In this episode Joe talks about the uncomfortable subject of suicide with his first guest Brother Shannon Hawley who shares his very powerful testimony and the Ministry brought forth that shines a beacon of hope into the darkness. Show Notes: Crisis text line: Text MT to 741-741 National Suicide prevention LIFELINE 1800-273-TALK (8255) Posted by Hope4_2Morrow on Thursday, June 7, 2018 Contact Shannon Hawley @ 970-815-2366 or HAWLEYSHANNON11@YAHOO.COM​

A Cup With Joe – The First Sip: Rapture Predictions and Arc Building

***A Cup With Joe is a new podcast on the Cast ’em Off Radio Network.  Hosted by Joe Muzydla, this show explores the Bible, our faith, and the world around us.*** On this episode Joe will be discussing the dangers of Rapture predictions along with how to build an eschatological arc to house your security in the end times. Be sure to subscribe to the A Cup With Joe RSS…