Cast ’em Off Radio #26 – Testimony of Sean and Joe Muzydla – Part 1

Part 1 – On this episode Brandon is joined by Sean and Joe Muzydla. Sean and Joe are twins who have been through quite a lot in their life’s and wanted to come on the program and give their testimony’s. It’s another powerful show that speaks to the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. Check us out online at For questions or if you need help email Brandon at….

Fringe Files #3 – The Genesis 6 Conspiracy With Gary Wayne

Joining Brandon for this episode is author Gary Wayne.  Gary wrote the book entitled “The Genesis 6 Conspiracy” which looks at the influence that the nephilim have had on history all the way back to pre-flood times.  His book is packed full of valuable information and should be considered a must have for any serious research library.  Check us out online at and contact us at  Be sure…