Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #53 – Nobody’s Angel with Dr. Gregory Reid

 On this episode Brandon is joined by Dr. Gregory Reid, a retired Private Investigator with over 20 years experience as a contract criminal justice trainer on occult crimes and crimes against children. He is the author of 11 books, including Trojan Church, A Cry in the Wilderness, The Color of Pain and the recently released War of the Ages: A Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan’s Kingdom….

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #51 – Our Spiritual War of Attrition

On this episode Brandon talks about the spiritual war that we all fight, the fact that we need to be thankful for small victories, and that this is a war of attrition.  Be sure to check us out online at Show Notes: Prayer for Self Deliverance – Cast ’em Off Ministries YouTube – Cast ’em Off Radio iTunes – Cast ’em Off Radio on Google Play…

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #45 – Meaning After the Military with Byron Rodgers

Brandon is joined by author and empowerment strategist Byron Rodgers to discuss his book “Finding Meaning After the Military”. They discuss finding your identity and purpose when transitioning to civilian life or after a career change. Visit us online at Show Notes: Byron’s Website – Byron’s Facebook – Byron’s YouTube –

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #33 – Detestable Update With Tom Dunn

***Parental Warning*** This episode includes adult subject matter and is not intended for young audiences. Parental discretion is advised. On this episode Brandon interviews Tom Dunn about his movie project entitled “Detestable”. Tom and his crew are working hard to expose the world of satanic ritual abuse or SRA for short. This episode will open our eyes to a world that many people are unaware of or don’t want to…

Cast ’em Off Radio #26 – Testimony of Sean and Joe Muzydla – Part 1

Part 1 – On this episode Brandon is joined by Sean and Joe Muzydla. Sean and Joe are twins who have been through quite a lot in their life’s and wanted to come on the program and give their testimony’s. It’s another powerful show that speaks to the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. Check us out online at For questions or if you need help email Brandon at….

Cast ’em Off Radio – Bonus Episode #2 – Why Does Your Husband Look at Porn….How to Help Him Stop

I made this video to give you ladies some insight into why many men are addicted to porn and what our mindset is like. I also want you to understand that you could be the one who helps them overcome it and push it out of their lives. Please watch with an open mind and understand that this is said with love and comes from someone who’s been there.

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #24 – Testimony of Leonard Olivares – Part 1

***Disclaimer – Listener discretion is advised as we talk about some adult subjects.  Children under the age of 13 should not listen to this episode.*** On this episode Brandon is joined by Leonard Olivares.  Leonard gives his testimony and talks about his life as a gang member and drug addict, his troubles with the law, and how Jesus Christ saved him from it all.  Check us out online at …

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #23 – Testimony of Kelli Morehead-Hopkins

On this episode Brandon is joined by Kelli-Morehead Hopkins.  Kelli gives her testimony that involves breaking free from the occult.  She has a powerful testimony that will speak to those that need to hear it.  Be sure to give us a rating and review where ever you listen as well as subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Check us out online at  If you need help send us an email…