Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #54 – A Life Refined with David Arthur

 On this episode Brandon is Joined by David Arthur. David’s testimony is a powerful one! He is the founder of i Belong Amen Ministries which can be found online at and the author of the book “Refined: Life Through Homosexuality, Transgenderism, and Beyond”.   Like this program? Please consider supporting us –   Show Notes: David’s Information: Website – Facebook – I Belong Amen Ministries Twitter…

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #51 – Our Spiritual War of Attrition

On this episode Brandon talks about the spiritual war that we all fight, the fact that we need to be thankful for small victories, and that this is a war of attrition.  Be sure to check us out online at Show Notes: Prayer for Self Deliverance – Cast ’em Off Ministries YouTube – Cast ’em Off Radio iTunes – Cast ’em Off Radio on Google Play…

Fringe Files #16 – Exposing Corruption with William Ramsey

Brandon is joined by author and researcher, William Ramsey, to discuss the rampant corruption in the highest levels of government. Check out all of our other great programs at  Please subscribe to our Cast ’em Off Ministries YouTube channel and like us on Facebook. Show Notes: Help fund William’s new movie – William’s Facebook – William’s Books –

Fringe Files – Episode #11 – Detestable Things with Guy Kallberg

Brandon is joined by Guy Kallberg on this episode. Guy’s story was briefly documented in the documentary film “Detestable”. On this episode Guy tells us his the rest of the story including run-ins with satanic covens. Please visit us online at Show Notes: The Detestable Documentary –

Fringe Files – Episode #10 – Aleister Crowley 101 with William Ramsey

On this episode Brandon is joined by author and researcher William Ramsey.  They talk about the life of Aleister Crowley and how he influenced occultism and modern pop culture.  Check out all of our other great programs at   Show Notes: Help fund William’s new movie – William’s Facebook – William’s Books –

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #43 – Testimony of Cary McKee

This episode feature the testimony from the Executive Director of C.O.R.E. in Southwest Missouri, Cary McKee.  His testimony was recorded at the Man Up #2 Conference on November 4th, 2016.  Be sure to check out our website at  Please subscribe to us on YouTube and iTunes.   Show Notes: C.O.R.E. Website –

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #36 – I’m Saved…Now What?

On this episode Brandon addresses the question that many new believers have:  “Now that I’m saved what do I need to do?”.  Many churches and evangelists bring people to Jesus but don’t do a great job of teaching new believers what to do after they are saved.  On this episode new believers will be given an idea of how to further their walk with God as well as giving them…

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #24 – Testimony of Leonard Olivares – Part 2

***Disclaimer – Listener discretion is advised as we talk about some adult subjects. Children under the age of 13 should not listen to this episode.*** On this episode Brandon is joined by Leonard Olivares. Leonard gives his testimony and talks about his life as a gang member and drug addict, his troubles with the law, and how Jesus Christ saved him from it all. Check us out online at….