Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #57 – Sharing the Gospel with Confidence with Preston and Kelly Condra

 Preston and Kelly operate Sufficient Word Publishing. They are the authors of “I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS” and “BY WHICH WE ARE SAVED” which are both available on Amazon. You can find all of their information at They’ll be speaking at the Go Therefore 2018 Conference in Lima, OH which takes place June 8-10 at Calvary Chapel of Lima, OH. Like this program? Please consider supporting us –…

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #55 – Make the Pulpit Great Again with Pastor Mike Spaulding

 On this episode Brandon is joined by Pastor Mike Spaulding. Pastor Spaulding holds a B.A. in Organizational Management, a Masters Degree in Theological Studies, and a Ph.D. in apologetics. He currently serves as a teaching pastor at Calvary Chapel of Lima, OH. He is a contributing author to the soon to be released, The Baker Dictionary of World Religions, and the author of his new book “Make the Pulpit…

Through The Black – Pilot Episode

 Jared and Tom have a conversation that your invited to be a part of. This is just two guys using youtube live for the first time to work out the bugs.   Join Tom and Jared as they, in there own words, “talk about spiritual warfare and stuff”. We’ve compiled some of their best episodes here. To find all of their episodes subscribe to their YouTube channel here: *Through…

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #43 – Testimony of Cary McKee

This episode feature the testimony from the Executive Director of C.O.R.E. in Southwest Missouri, Cary McKee.  His testimony was recorded at the Man Up #2 Conference on November 4th, 2016.  Be sure to check out our website at  Please subscribe to us on YouTube and iTunes.   Show Notes: C.O.R.E. Website –

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #42 – Getting Understanding with Lenny and Alex

Brandon is joined by Lenny and Alex from the “Getting Understanding” podcast. They talk about their plans for their new podcast as well as a few other subjects. Be sure to check out our website at Listen to us on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play,, iHeartRadio, and many other platforms. Show Notes: Getting Understanding Podcast –

Cast ’em Off Radio – Episode #39 – Culture or Christ with Byron Rodgers

On this episode Brandon is joined by Byron Rodgers to discus the importance of identifying in Jesus Christ rather than in our culture.  Be sure to check us out online at  Email Brandon at   Show Notes: Byron Rodgers Website –