Fringe Files #22 – The Last Evangelist with David Heavener

 On this episode Brandon is joined by David Heavener. David Heavener is a Hollywood actor and producer. He is the creator of the new series, “The Last Evangelist”, a made for TV series opening later this summer. “The Last Evangelist” will showcase Christianity in a fictional series on the future regarding the anti-christ and the new world order. It’s CSI meets revelation. Check out all of our other great…

Fringe Files #12 – Unmasking the Future with Pastor Caspar McCloud

Pastor Caspar McCloud joins Brandon on this episode to discuss his new book “Unmasking the Future”. Please consider giving us a rating and a review on iTunes and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Visit us online Show Notes – Unmasking the Future – Faithfulness Anthology – The Upper Room Fellowship –