Political Correctness is a Tool of the Devil

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political correctness

Political correctness is a tool used by the enemy to create division and dissension in the world, but more importantly in the body of Jesus Christ.  The enemy uses race, doctrinal dogma, status, greed, pride, and worldly concepts to incite arguments inside the Church. This causes congregations to become impotent in all things concerning the kingdom of God.  Political correctness dictates that someone else is responsible for your problems and anyone but you is to blame.  I would submit that we are responsible for ourselves, and we can choose whether to let something offend us or not.  Words only have power when we give them power!  We can agree to disagree because none of us has it all figured out and none of us are always right.  We need to stop acting like the world and start acting like the Kingdom of God.  God does not care what color you are, how much money you have, what kind of car you drive, or how big your house is.  Those things are all irrelevant in the eyes of God.  We must understand that we are all equal in his eyes.  He created us in his image to serve him and further his kingdom until he returns.  We must get passed our differences and focus on the fact that we are all one family with one goal.  We cannot effectively further God’s kingdom or fight against the forces of darkness if we are divided.  We need to understand that we, as Christians, are a sovereign nation under the rule of God all mighty.  We have all the aspects of any other nation.  We have laws (the bible), schools (churches), a military (spiritual warriors, intercessors, angels, and the holy spirit), a king or leader (God), an attorney general (Jesus), medical care (doctors, nurses, healing through prayer), immigration dept. (Missionaries, pastors, anyone who leads people to Jesus), industry (many of us are trained in different fields of expertise) etc.  We need to understand that sooner than later the only people we will be able to rely on is each other.  Make no mistake about it, real Bible believing Christians will be hated everywhere.  We will be called hate mongers, zealots, fanatics, mentally I’ll, and so on.  This will not just come from the secular world, but from self professing Christians who say that they follow Jesus but in reality, have sold out to the world and are in love with their sin.  We have to decide which side we’re going to be on.  The side of Jesus and the kingdom of heaven or be part of the world and all the debauchery and depravity that goes with it.  Choosing God’s kingdom will not be easy, it will not be popular, and it may cost you your life on this earth, but rest assured that you will have riches in heaven and everlasting life that can only be attained through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.  Choosing the world will be easy but death and damnation is a guarantee, especially if you have to take the mark to be accepted by the masses.  We must stop fighting among ourselves over petty issues and start helping our brothers and sisters as we grow together in the lord.

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