Have You Checked Your Foundation Lately?

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As I was driving to work the other day, I drove past a building site and noticed that the builders were working very hard preparing the foundation for the structure that will be built on top of it some day. Then it struck me, as Christians we need to look at our spiritual and theological foundations from time to time to make sure that they’re not deteriorating due to neglect. Often times, as we grow in our knowledge and understanding of the bible we move into prophetic studies or deep theology to gain a deeper understanding of God’s word. It occurred to me that we need to continue to return to the basics from time to time to keep our foundations solid. If we build too much on a weak foundation everything will eventually come crashing down around us. I would encourage all of us, as we come into a new year to check our biblical and spiritual foundations just to make sure the structure built on top will continue to stand.

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