They Said What!? – Episode 7 – The Gun Control Agenda with Byron Rodgers

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On this episode Byron Rodgers joins the guys to discuss the gun control agenda. On this podcast the guys will sound off on anything and everything that they feel the need to discuss. You’re invited to sit in on their conversations and find out if what they say is what you’ve been thinking all along. This show is meant to help listeners critically think about the topics that are discussed. We know that what is said won’t always be popular and rarely politically correct, but hopefully it makes people think about some of the tough topics that we face in today’s society.

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    1. I’m not fluent in French, but from what I can gather you said you agree with much of what we said and then asked my thoughts on Syria. Please correct me if I’m wrong. First, thank you for listening to the program and for your comment! When it comes to Syria, I don’t think for a second that Assad gassed his own people. Especially since the U.S. had declared that they were ready to pull out of the country. it would have been the dumbest thing that he could have done and I don’t think he’s a stupid man. It’s obvious that Syria is a proxy of Russia and without knowing what’s happening behind the scenes, it’s hard for me to make an informed decision on the U.S. missile attacks. On the surface I think it’s a bad move but who knows what the real reason was for the attack. We’ll have to watch the situation and see how it unfolds.

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