Fringe Files #18 – The Smiley Face Killers with William Ramsey

William Ramsey returns on this episode to discuss his latest documentary entitled “The Smiley Face Killers: Who is abducting, torturing and murdering college-aged men in the US and UK?” An Attorney, Author and Researcher William Ramsey is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in History. Mr. Ramsey also has a J.D. and is a member of the State Bar of California. He has written Prophet…

Fringe Files #16 – Exposing Corruption with William Ramsey

Brandon is joined by author and researcher, William Ramsey, to discuss the rampant corruption in the highest levels of government. Check out all of our other great programs at  Please subscribe to our Cast ’em Off Ministries YouTube channel and like us on Facebook. Show Notes: Help fund William’s new movie – William’s Facebook – William’s Books –

Fringe Files #13 – Future Techpocalypse with Gary S. Pritchett

Gary S. Pritchett, author of “The Fallen Files”, joins Brandon to discuss his new book entitled “Dream Weaver” as well as some of the new and frightening technology on the horizon. Be sure to check us out online at and Be sure to subscribe to the new Fringe Files rss feed on iTunes and Google Play. Show Notes: Fringe Files RSS Feed – Purchase The Fallen Files:…

Fringe Files #12 – Unmasking the Future with Pastor Caspar McCloud

Pastor Caspar McCloud joins Brandon on this episode to discuss his new book “Unmasking the Future”. Please consider giving us a rating and a review on iTunes and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Visit us online Show Notes – Unmasking the Future – Faithfulness Anthology – The Upper Room Fellowship –

Fringe Files – Episode #11 – Detestable Things with Guy Kallberg

Brandon is joined by Guy Kallberg on this episode. Guy’s story was briefly documented in the documentary film “Detestable”. On this episode Guy tells us his the rest of the story including run-ins with satanic covens. Please visit us online at Show Notes: The Detestable Documentary –

Guest Appearance – The Fringianity Underground – Exposing Darkness – Part #2

Listen to “Ep,40 EXPOSING DARKNESS (Part TWO) with Brandon Schwin” on Spreaker. I had the honor of being a guest on Leo Rutledge’s show “The Fringianity Underground” recently. We talked about how it seems that God is bring evil into the light at this moment in time and what our response as Christians should be. Check it out and be sure to listen to some of Leo’s other great episodes….

Fringe Files – Episode #10 – Aleister Crowley 101 with William Ramsey

On this episode Brandon is joined by author and researcher William Ramsey.  They talk about the life of Aleister Crowley and how he influenced occultism and modern pop culture.  Check out all of our other great programs at   Show Notes: Help fund William’s new movie – William’s Facebook – William’s Books –